August, 2005


8/2/05  5:45 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for the joy that is in your heart.  I desire that all My children have peace and joy in their lives.  For the most part you can have these gifts if you only believe and trust in Me.  How simple life becomes when you do not feel that you must know and control everything.  It is not possible for My children to control those around them and everything that impacts their lives.  If they demand to do so, they will be wretched, miserable, and despairing.

You have found the key to happiness, and it is to be in My Arms like a little child, content and trusting.

I bless every effort made to share with My children the key to living Heaven on earth.

I bless you.


8/3/05  5:50 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your obedience and for encouraging others to be obedient.  You told them a great truth when you said I value obedience and protect those who are obedient.  By My Life I showed the children of God how obedience to proper authority must be respected.  I laid down My Life out of obedience to the Will of My Father, and so reinforced to others how important this virtue is.  Satan hates obedience.  It disarms him and leaves him totally powerless.

I bless every effort made to help the children of God to arm themselves against Satan through the faithful practice of this virtue.

I bless you.



8/7/05  6:30 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for the joy you give to Me and to others.

Today I loosed a great thing upon the earth.  A great flow of grace and power was let go upon the earth to begin the great renewal.  I said this day while others plot and plan I have moved. 

So be it.  Alleluia.

I bless you.



8/12/05  6:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your patience and trusting in Me to proceed at the right time. 

We will begin to make public the teachings I have been giving you each evening.  We will continue as before with no teachings on Thursdays or days either of you are tired or ill.  I do not push My children, but seek only your good. 

Tonight I wish to speak of My concern for My children.  As you know I am not a demanding God, and I wish that you share this with your brothers and sisters.  I work simply and at the pace a soul can move.  I never lay burdens that cannot be carried.  I am solicitous about your well-being, and I ask all My children to be this way with one another. 

You often place burdens on one another that you cannot carry, but you expect others to.  You often place your needs and wants above the needs and capacity of those around you.  This produces confusion, anger, and a resentment that can lead to violence. 

Look around you.  More and more people are asked to carry burdens physically, emotionally, financially that cannot be endured; long hours of work with little pay and no way to pay for basic needs, while a few gloat over the gains they make at the expense of others.  How long do they expect to be endured without a backlash?  Treat one another as you want to be treated.  Alleviate the pain and the worry of your neighbor and you will find it is to your benefit.  How often I have asked this of you, and still so few listen.  If you want peace, joy, and contentment in your life, help your neighbor to acquire these same benefits.

I bless every effort made to reach out to your brothers and sisters everywhere and give a helping hand.

I bless you.



8/14/05  2:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, trust, and generosity.  You and little one go out of your way to make all feel welcome and wanted in the family of God.  It is in the little things that you and little one do that make others feel a part of My family that I have formed on this mountain.  No matter the age or background, no one is left out.  This is what I desire among My children. 

There is enough loneliness and isolation in the lives of many of My children, especially the elderly and those who do not conform to the norms set by society.  I will bring here to this mountain many of My lost and lonely children that they may find comfort and a place to rest, spiritually and physically.

I once told you that your Mother’s Heart is an Ark where everyone is loved and welcomed.  Your Holy Mother’s presence each Thursday will draw many, and they will find what they are seeking.

I bless every effort made to make each of My children feel special and welcome.

I bless you.

8/16/05  4:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of abandonment.  Very few of My children know what it means to abandon to Me.

Today you both practiced this virtue to the joy of My Heart.  Both of you set aside your own wishes, plans, and followed what I asked of you without debating, rationalizing, or doing what others might think is right.  Your hearts understood My Will and you proceeded, looking neither to the right nor left, and fulfilled all I desired.  This is true abandonment, trusting that I know what is best and walking what is asked with peace and courage.

Teach others how to walk with Me.  Help them to see beyond what the world teaches and expects.  Share with them how to be true children of God and strive for what is spiritual and holy.

I bless every effort made to teach the children of God to live united in heart and will with Me.

I bless you.


8/19/05  4:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, patience and generosity.  This has been a day when your time has been taken up with many things.  You and little one had your work to do; you with your housework, little one with his regular job.  As you tried to do your work this day there have been interruptions of all kinds.  You had calls come in and calls you needed to make.  You laced your work by reaching out to others.  Your sharing your time means much to others.

I ask all My children to be patient when others need your help or many things need to be done.  All things will get done and much more efficiently if you are patient and flexible.

I bless every opportunity taken to be cheerfully available and attentive to others.

I bless you.


8/20/05  3:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and speak to you of My love for My children who are lost in darkness.

Child, you and little one have suffered much because of those who are dear to you who have been struggling with the world and all it has to offer and living a true life in Me.  You understand that those struggling are trying their best against the powers of Satan disguised in rationalism, materialism, and pantheism.  In every family there is this struggle, and great unhappiness comes from it.  The world seems to offer happiness through self-gratification and accumulation of wealth.  You tell them that happiness will not be found in these things, but My Way seems to them too difficult, offering little reward here and now.  My children will not accept what they see with their own eyes and experience themselves.  They see that material possessions and money are fleeting.  They see that self-gratification leads to destruction and, yet, they will not reach for Me.  They see the peace, joy, and satisfaction you have found in following My Way and loving Me will all your heart, but since it takes self-discipline, patience, obedience to acquire true happiness, lasting happiness, they keep turning to the world and suffering even greater sorrows. 

Be patient and pray for them.  Love them unconditionally.  Love all My children through your faith, hope, and love in Me.

I bless every effort made to witness to others the sure road to all they desire.

I bless you.


8/21/05  3:40 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your patience and trust.  Today an Angel visited you and told you that no one will hinder the work of the Most High.  I sent this Angel to give you assurance and courage. 

Little one asked this morning why I have been coming more often than before to give the morning teachings.  I told little one I would explain later in the day.

I am coming to teach My children who have little or no devotion to Most Holy Mary, My Mother and your Mother.  I told you some days ago that the time for gathering is short*.  My children must decide for Satan and the world or for Me, their God.  The Eternal Father has had a plan from all eternity for His children.  The years between My Resurrection and now have been many.  Generation after generation has had the opportunity to know Me, to grow in grace and follow My Way to the Father.  In each generation many have chosen to follow Me, yet the world as a whole has grown darker in apostasy and cruelty, but a time of renewal has been promised by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through the voices of My prophets and in the words of Scripture.  Today I say the time of renewal is upon you, but the time of ending apostasy and the ways of Satan will be difficult.  Satan and his followers do not want to lose their grip on the hearts and minds of My children.  They do not want to lose their power to wreck and ruin this earth.

My children must choose who they will follow.  If pride guides you and you will not stoop to hear and follow My Teachings you will lose your place in the Kingdom.  Those who follow Me will be victorious, but how high the price this victory will be will depend on how many souls follow Me and do so promptly.  Victory is Mine, no one can stand against Me.  You know this Truth, but are you willing to put aside your pride, your agenda, to take up the cross, the sign of My victory, and follow Me.

I bless those who have ears and hear, and eyes that see.

I bless you.


*  (After this Teaching, we asked for more explanation regarding this sentence.  The Lord replied.)

Time is short for choosing.  Those who do not choose Me will not enter the time of peace; My Peace.  My Peace is a real thing; it is more than a spiritual idea.  When a child of mine lives in unity with Me, My Peace fills them and because I am fully in them and they in Me, they become not only masters in the spiritual life, but they have mastery over the very elements.

Read the lives of the Saints; so many of them, in truth all of them, could heal and carry out whatever task I gave them no matter how great and improbable to the human mind.  Some could command the elements, some I permitted to transcend time and space, and some, and in truth all, could battle the very demons, and some have even raised the dead knowing it was not them, but I in them Who did all these things.  They were and are perfect vessels that can/could be used to help all My children.


8/22/05  4:00 P M –


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and speak about the Virtue of patience.

Child, you and little one have learned to wait upon Me.  In this age of instant gratification there are very few who proceed on the road of spiritual growth.  My children want everything now, and they want, if they must make an effort, to take every shortcut they can find.  They will read and follow the most outlandish things to acquire what they want. 

In the Spiritual Life there are no shortcuts; there are no magical exercises, or prayers, or places to go where there is sudden union with Me to be found.  Spiritual growth comes by living each day according to My Will and with love and trust in Me.  It comes through practicing daily the Virtues, especially that of charity.  You should be prepared to patiently and perseveringly follow Me until your last day.  There is no time when you can rest on your laurels for I am infinite, and you will never know Me completely or live perfectly all that I ask of you.  Even among the greatest Saints there was always room for improvement.

Children, understand that Life is a journey and to have all that I have promised you must keep moving toward Me.  There is always room for growth in loving Me and loving your neighbor.

I bless every child of Mine who humbly recognizes and accepts this Truth.

I bless you.


8/23/05  6:30 P M –


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, for your trust, and for sharing with others.  You both have had a trying day, but each reached outside of yourselves to bring peace and joy to others.  It is not difficult to find those who are lonely, troubled, or just needing human contact.  Listening is a gift given to those who have few who will listen to them and appreciate what they have to offer.  Love takes many forms and you show love for your neighbor when you show them how much you value them by your attention.  It may seem like a little thing to you, but for others it means a great deal.

I bless every effort made to make My children to feel wanted and valued.

I bless you.


8/24/05  6:00 P M –


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and speak to My children of perseverance.  Too many of My children hide from responsibility or pass to one another the work to be done.

Child, you have meditated this day on perseverance and accepting what must be done with peace and trust.  My children see the work I give them as something that can be done when it is convenient, or ignore what is to be done if it is troubling to their lives.  Each day I put into the lives of My children those who need help.  I also arrange for them to be of service to their parishes and to their communities.   Everything that brings about good is My work and each person must persevere in doing good and being responsible for others and for the good of all those in your community.  You cannot take a time out when things that are being asked are inconvenient or seem too hard.  Trust that I will give you the strength, the time, and the means to do what is good.

I bless every effort made to persevere and to love unconditionally.

I bless you.


8/26/05  3:00 P M –


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your peace.  Today you have grown in spirit and in strength.  I told you to lift your heart and to see with My Eyes and today you have done so.  You meditated on My Words and by seeking truth your heart and mind were opened to understand and accept what is written.

Child, so many fail to understand Scripture and prophecy because they want everything spelled out before them without prayer, and especially meditation.  To simply read something is not to understand it; you must think about the circumstances that are being spoken of.  You must elevate your mind and spirit in order to see the gems hidden in the words.  I have said My Ways are not your ways, so you must think about all the ways I have acted in history.  You must read carefully, prayerfully, and see how I have acted in the past, how My Words were fulfilled in order to understand how I am working in the present.  I AM and I work the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I do not change; it is you that must change, who must grow in grace and Light in order to know Me and serve Me.

I bless every effort made to seek Me through humility, perseverance, prayer, and love.

I bless you.


8/27/05  4:00 P M –


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your courage and for building bridges of healing.  My children are known by their peace, their humility, and their service to others.  It is easy to say, ‘I have done what is necessary and I am no longer responsible for the actions of others’.  A true child of Mine goes beyond this in the hope that peace and joy and healing will flow through perseverance and humility.  More often than not My children are successful because others see their sincerity.  If others refuse your offers of peace then, My children, rejoice in the knowledge that your Lord has seen and blessed you as if you had succeeded.  In the end it is only My evaluation that counts.

I bless every effort made to build bridges of peace, love, joy, and unity.

I bless you.


8/28/05  4:00 P M –


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your obedience.  You have used this day of rest for My Glory and for your good in body and soul.  You also gathered together information that is needed for all to understand what is required of them, what their rights are, and what they should expect from others.  You have done this so that all understand and can be obedient to the right authority.

My children, obedience is your lifeline, but blind obedience, not seeking out truth and giving obedience where it is truly due, is the act of an unthinking and irresponsible child.  You are adults and are responsible for your actions and for what is entrusted to you. 

For the Christian, you are responsible to know the truths of your Faith and live them with constancy and perseverance.  You do not bend like a reed to every voice that says ‘Follow me’.  You listen to the Voice of the Good Shepherd and those He has entrusted in guiding His children.  Know your Faith and follow by My Light the safe path to Heaven.

I ask My children to constantly grow in knowledge and love for Me.

I bless every effort made to follow Me and gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.


8/30/05  4:40 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I say I have come with tidings of great joy.  Today I say My Work is unfolding according to My Will and at the pace I desire.  Today I say all Heaven rejoices at what I am bringing forth upon the earth.*

Satan has planned destruction of My children, but I, the Merciful One, tell you I will not allow him to succeed.  I will draw My children out of the darkness and into My Arms.  Their safety is in Me, their Hope is in Me, and I will lead them safely to My Father’s House.  I will spare no effort to gather My little ones.  Be at peace in all that unfolds and know that the Father has numbered the very hairs on your head.

I bless every effort made to gather with Me My children.

I bless you.


*  (When we asked what He was bringing forth upon the earth Jesus replied.)


Salvation of souls.  I am using the work on the seven mountains, and even nature, to make My children look up and open their hearts to Me.