10/1/05  1:55 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your work, for your trust, for your love.  You include Me in all that you do and you do so with the trust of little children.  This delights My Heart and brings down upon you many graces and blessings. 

Your Holy Mother and I will be with the two of you all through this day.  Remember Us and call upon Us and We will be your help and protection.

I bless every beat of your hearts.

I bless you.



10/3/05  2:20 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your laughter, your humor.  I gave the gift of laughter to My children so as they walk through this vale of tears, there would be moments, and hopefully many, when their laughter would fill the heavens and give joy not only to Me, but to all the Heavenly Hosts.

Today We begin a new thing.

Child, you and little one are going to bring Me to ever greater numbers through your little book, so simply done hearts are going to be touched and the devotion to Virgin Victorious will spread rapidly.  This Devotion will bring about a swift end to Satan’s reign both in the world and in the hearts of My children.

I bless every effort made to disseminate this little book.

I bless you.



10/4/05  6:15 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak to you of courage.

Child, both you and little one have been dealing with this virtue today.

Little one had a series of setbacks in his day and he felt abandoned and could not see that his work and his trust made any difference.  Little one did not give in to defeat and help was provided for him, but it took courage, a quiet kind of courage, to continue through the day overcoming one obstacle after another.

You, child, have come to grips with a different kind of obstacle; that of allowing others to affect your peace and your emotional good.  You saw how, although you have had courage in dealing with direct attacks from others, you have allowed them too much influence over your thoughts, over your life.  As you said to yourself, if you were not dealing with My work you would never had allowed others to affect you so greatly.  You have finally put things in balance and have stopped allowing others control over you.  In a way you have permitted emotional blackmail.  Never allow this.  I told you to shake the dust from your sandals and move on and now you can do it.

This lesson on courage is for every one of My children.  Everyday problems can slowly sap you of courage.  Do not fall into that trap.  Remember, today’s problems will not be remembered a month from now so do not become discouraged, and those who allow others to control your actions, your emotions…set yourselves free. 

I created you free with natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Do not allow others to steal these away by buying into their coercion, be it physical or emotional.

I bless every effort made to stand straight and proclaim your rights as children of God.

I bless you.



10/5/05  4:15 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, for your work, for your peace.  This day I come just to be with you.  You have worked hard this week and you need rest, but I wanted to give your hearts delight by My Presence and My Words.  This time is as precious to Me as it is to you.  I thank you for coming each evening to be with Me and to be instructed by Me.  Use this evening to rest physically and rejoice in My Love.

I bless you.





10/7/05  6:05 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to celebrate with you the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, your Holy Mother’s Feast day. 

The Rosary is a gift to the children of God which is a powerful weapon against Satan.  Everywhere Most Holy Mary appears She asks Her children to pray the rosary in order to bind Satan and to bring peace to the world.  At Fatima She identified Herself under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary and She told three little children, and through them the whole world, to bring lasting peace, pray the Rosary.  Today your Holy Mother affirms over and over this truth.  Many listen to Her and pick up their rosaries in love and trust, and Heaven responds with an outpouring of graces and blessings to the whole world.

Little children, use your rosaries to defeat Satan in your lives and in the world.  Peace will come because of your love and obedience.  Pray, pray, so the time of peace may come quickly.

I bless every child of Mine who lifts their rosaries like flowers to Heaven.

I bless you.



10/9/05  4:05 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and celebrate with you many things, but I wish to speak of just one for now.

Child, your heart is truly free because you have learned to live with yourself as you are.  You hope in Me to grow spiritually and to grow in wholeness as a person, but you have learned to like yourself and to be at peace with yourself.  This is a gift that has come to you through many tears and struggles, but you persevered in trying at all times to see yourself as I see you. 

Many of My children see only their faults and lose hope because they will not believe that I have blessed them with gifts and strengths that will help them to become whole and at peace if they will allow Me to work in them.  It takes humility to admit, to believe that I, the Lord, can heal and change anyone if they will trust in Me.

Today your heart rejoices and you are filled with wonder at what you see unfolding within yourself and within the work.  As you say, you have already won because of what I have done within you and you hope and believe that I will do more because your heart wants what I want.

You and little one have been much blessed by Me and the blessings continue because you recognize them, desire them, and trust in Me to do what is best.

I bless both your hearts and tell you to rejoice.

I bless you.





10/10/05  5:05 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, your peace, your patience.  You have learned to allow Me to unfold all things at My pace.  You have grown and you have more control now in your abandonment than you ever did trying to walk alone.  It seems a paradox but it is not.  When you are confident in Me and in My Love, you do not allow emotions, situations, or people to disturb you or move you off the path I have set before you.  You keep your eye on Me and proceed in peace.

I bless all those who have ears to hear and proceed in confidence in Me.

I bless you.



10/11/05  5:30 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to lift your hearts in prayers, in praise and thanksgiving.

All of Heaven is in awe of the Father’s goodness to you.  Rejoice, give thanks and praise to the Father, and give back to Him your love, your obedience, your trust in Him.  Do all He asks of you for He has done great things for you both.

I bless you.



10/14/05  2:45 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your offerings, trials, and sufferings.  You both offer for this mountain (physical mountain), and all those that are called here.

Child, you have been trying to discern if your being quiet and trying to keep peace is enabling the bad behavior of others.  The answer is yes, to a point.  They do not understand fully what they are doing, but from now on do not remain silent when they cross the line.  Whether you speak up or not, their behavior will not change until I bring about a full correction, but you will not be a silent accomplice to their behavior. From now on stand straight and speak the truth.

I bless every opportunity taken to witness not only by Charity, but by Justice.

I bless you.



10/15/05  3:30 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to celebrate with you your freedom and your love for Me.

Child, you and little one are learning to be truly free from all that normally holds people back from accomplishing all that I desire and all that is possible for them. 

I have spoken of freedom before because it is so little understood.  Most people think of it as an ideal to be strived for; others equate freedom with license.  Few understand that freedom comes from within.  You can be imprisoned, shackled, kept in isolation, and still be free.  True freedom abides in the realm of the spirit.  Most people move around ‘freely’ and, yet, are in bondage to Satan, the world, or their weaknesses.  If My children want true freedom, they will only find it through Me.  I came into the world to set you free, but the only way to be free is to live in Me, with Me, and do all things through Me, and this is what My children fail to understand.  They do not know how to live in Me, to live with Me now while they are upon the earth, nor do they understand how to live their lives through Me.

Tomorrow I will teach My children how to be free; for this day I ask you now to rest in My Sacred Heart.

I bless you.


10/16/05  4:15 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of how to be free.

I told you yesterday that you become free, totally free, when you learn to live in Me, with Me, and do all things through Me.

To live in Me means to keep the Commandments, both in spirit and truth.  This means doing the Will of God and doing it out of love and appreciation for God’s goodness to you.

To live with Me means that We are one heart, one mind, and one will.  We work as a team with Me helping you to reach your goal which is to live forever with your Triune God.  To do this your heart must be open and you choose to be with Me in unity as you will be in Heaven.  You will not always be able to do this perfectly, but it is the intention of your heart, your intellect, and your will to do so.

To live your life through Me means that you allow Me to guide you and provide for you in each day according to My Will which is always for your good.  All the books on abandonment to Me comes down to this, that you are at peace with all that occurs and is given to you in each day. 

It is not difficult to understand; you simply trust in My presence with you, in My goodness toward you, and that I will never leave you nor fail you in all your needs.  It always comes down to Believing, Trusting, and Loving Me as I love you.  Completely are you loved, just as you are and in the circumstances you find yourself.  Know this in your hearts and in your intellect and then peace and freedom is yours.

I bless with an infinite blessing all those who can believe and trust in My Words.

I bless you.



10/19/05  2:55 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your courage and your obedience.  You have obeyed My Will, but most of all you have done so by being obedient in everything that Fr. Francis has given you. 

It is difficult to stand up against injustice and fight for the truth, especially when it puts you at odds with those you love and have befriended.

I am speaking of this today because all My children find themselves having to choose each day whether to follow the world or Me.  It is easy to follow Me when you are surrounded with those who give you approval, love, and support.  Many falter when they must stand alone with only Me as their Strength, their Rock, and their Shield.

My children, trust in Me; I will protect you and help you in all your needs.  Be faithful and persevering followers of Mine.

I bless those with courageous hearts.

I bless you.



10/21/05  4:25 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your peace, your joy, and your trust in Me.  This morning you tried to explain to little one this feeling within yourself that all is well.  You said you were filled with peace and that you knew in some way, in a tangible way, that all was well in what I was doing.  This knowledge is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  It is a certainty that comes by grace and by Light.  There are no words to explain it, it just is.  This gift has been granted to you because you have persevered and have grown in Me to such an extent that neither Satan nor the world disturbs your spirit. 

It says in Scripture ‘the Lord is My Rock’.  That is what this gift is; you stand in Me and I uphold you and, therefore, you are on sure ground and cannot be moved from without.  My children often read the words of Scripture but do not know what they mean.  You cannot understand something in the abstract, you can only truly know through experience.  The key is to persevere through every trial in humility and abandonment to My Will.

I speak of this today because many of My children are suffering through trials over which they have no control.  I give them hope by assuring them that if they persevere in trusting in Me and being at peace with My Will, that they will find, like Job, a return of a hundredfold. 

Rejoice, My children, at the knowledge that I am with you, caring for you, and will return to you a hundredfold in this life and in the next.

I bless every child of Mine who can believe, abandon and persevere.

I bless you.



10/22/05  3:45 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and celebrate with you your victory over fear.

Today My children are raising their voices to proclaim My Glory upon this mountain.  They witness to the spiritual healings that have been granted to them through these teachings and the messages of your Holy Mother each Thursday.  I told you it would be My little ones who would authenticate My presence here.  I bless them for their courage, their faithfulness, and their love.

My children, live what you have learned and proclaim the good news that your Lord is in the land.

I bless you.



10/24/05  6:05 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love and your trust.

Child, you and little one have come far on your journey to Me.  Now We* will gather My little children who are lost in the darkness and the cold of the world.  Today you have placed your hand in My Hand and We step forth to gather and to work for the Father’s Glory.  Be at peace.  Rejoice, you are in My Heart and in My Hand.

I bless every effort made to gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.


*Jesus, Mother, child, and little one.



10/26/05  5:15 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of Hope.  This Virtue hinges on believing that I am your God, that I created all things, and that all things are in My Hands.  Hope is believing firmly in what I say, what I promise to do.  Hope is a Theological Virtue that finds its completion in Me.  The person who practices this virtue does not live in anxiety.  They know what I have said will be, no doubt, no questions.  They may not understand how certain things can be or how things will unfold, but they know with certainty of heart and mind that all will be fulfilled and accomplished.  My children who practice this virtue know that it is not by their merit or ability that I will do what I say, but that it will be done because of Who I am.

My little children, if you live this virtue you will have peace and unshakeable Faith.  You will be able to love Me with all your hearts and to love your neighbor as yourself because you are on firm ground from which it is possible to love and be in Love. 

When I say ‘be in Love’ I mean live in unity with Me and to do all things in Me, with Me, and through Me.  Truly this virtue opens your hearts to Me and makes all things possible.

I bless every heart that hears My Words and practices this Virtue.

I bless you



10/28/05  5:30 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love for My children.  Today I have come just for your hearts.  This is a short and simple message that I am giving because it delights you to have Me with you.  This has been a long day for you both so I ask you to rest physically and enjoy this evening.

I bless you both for your love.

I bless you.



10/30/05  4:00 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of fidelity between brothers and sisters.

My beloved children, you are all brothers and sisters for you have one only Father Who is in Heaven.  Your Heavenly Father and My Father does not see you according to race, creed, or color.  He sees only His children uniquely made and infinitely loved. 

When the Father sent Me to be among you, I told you to love one another as I have loved you.  Today brother hates brother, and I mean that in the generic sense, over nothing.  Do you not understand that the earth you stand on, the food you possess, the natural resources found in the earth, belong to the Father?  He has given you use of these things but you do not own them.  They are given to be distributed for the good of all His children.  If one group in a certain area has an abundance of God’s goodness they are responsible for sharing this abundance with those who have less or none.  You will be held accountable for greed, for lack of charity toward each other. 

Your Father in Heaven has been patient with you all but now this greed and lack of charity is covering the earth with the blood of the innocent and the defenseless.  No more will this be tolerated.  Begin today to change your thinking.  All that you have, or will ever have, is a gift from Heaven.  Use what is given to bring peace, comfort, and joy to others and your Father and My Father will reward you abundantly.  Continue as you are and you will feel His Justice, for just as He has given He can take away.

I bless those with ears to hear.

I bless you.



10/31/05  2:20 P M -


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for working to spread the devotion to Virgin Victorious.  Your little book is going far and wide and touching many hearts.  I have asked for this devotion to your Holy Mother to help My children realize that victory is in their hands, especially those hands who hold rosaries and pray for Holy Mary’s intercession in their lives and in the world.

Your Holy Mother has been sent to reaffirm My Victory over sin, the world and death.  She comes each Thursday to teach you how to live what is in Scripture and to remind you that you are children of God and you belong to the Father and are heirs to the Kingdom.  Your Holy Mother speaks to you in a simple and clear way so that all may understand and live a holy life.  If you listen to Holy Mary, your Mother, you will find the road to Heaven filled with spiritual peace and joy, and at the end of your days here upon the earth you will find yourself anticipating with great joy your union with the Most Holy Trinity.

I bless all those with ears to hear.

I bless you.