History of  Virgin Victorious                


The Blessed Mother first appeared to Lory as Virgin Victorious on 7/27/99.  At that time Lory understood that a statue was to be made so she asked what the title of the statue would be.  Mother said ‘Virgin Victorious’.  In the weeks that followed Jesus gave understanding of what the title meant.  He said it was Our Blessed Mother’s ‘End times’ title; not the end of the world but the end of an epoch. 

In a message on 6/8/02 Mother asked that a picture of Virgin Victorious be done because it was time for the devotion to begin.  Then on 6/25/02, the 20th anniversary observance of the Feast of Queen of Peace in Medjugorge, Mother stated that one day She would be celebrated under the title of Virgin Victorious also.

On 7/24/02 Mother came and said that devotion to Virgin Victorious was desired by Heaven to the glory of God.  She said Jesus had appropriated this title to Her as She leads the little ones in an army of love, faithfulness and devotion to His Sacred Heart. 

On 8/10/02 Jesus came and thanked the artist who painted the portrait of Virgin Victorious.  At that time He asked that this devotion be spread for many would be healed through the intercession of Virgin Victorious.

On 10/6/02 Mother asked that the devotion to Her under this title be spread by all who come to Yahweh Shalom.  One year later on 10/6/03 Mother reaffirmed Her end time role for Jesus was to win hearts and souls for Him.

Everyone who has been present at noon on Thursday when Mother appears knows that Mother has stated that all intentions put in the basket that is placed before Her will be taken by Her directly before the throne of God.  Jesus has also said that anyone who has a picture of Virgin Victorious displayed in their home can place their petitions in a small basket placed before the picture.  These petitions will also be taken before the throne of God, just like those on Thursdays.



Note:  If there have been any healings or conversions through the intercession of the Virgin Victorious, please write them down and send to Yahweh Shalom, 688 Apache Point Drive, Climax Springs, MO  65324.     Father Francis will submit them to the Bishop each month as they come in.


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Last Updated: 08/15/2015